yoga p e mind - Yoga P.E. – Mind

Yoga P.E. – Mind

The third video in the Yoga P.E. series is for your Mind! This Yoga P.E. mental health break offers a fun set of movement, poses, and breathing techniques to improve focus, balance your mood, increase confidence, counter screen fatigue, and decrease anxiety or stress. Enjoy this calming 10 minute break and let me know what […]

yoga p e heart - Yoga P.E. – Heart

Yoga P.E. – Heart

Yoga P.E. is a series of short mindful movement breaks designed for young virtual learners! Yoga P.E. Heart is the second video in this series. Yoga P.E. Heart offers a fun set of movement and poses that can connect to emotions, calm the nervous system, increase coordination and focus, and counter screen fatigue. Take ten […]