antidepressants spilling out of bottle - ‘Antidepressant Withdrawal': What This Psychiatrist Tells Patients

‘Antidepressant Withdrawal’: What This Psychiatrist Tells Patients

As a psychiatrist, patients naturally ask me a ton of questions about medication. (I’m glad—it’s what I’m there for!) When it comes to antidepressants, a lot of people are particularly concerned about “antidepressant withdrawal,” a colloquial term often used to describe what’s medically known as antidepressant discontinuation syndrome (ADS). A lot of times, this question […]


Chanel Holiday 2019: Les Ornements de Chanel

The Chanel Holiday 2019 Les Ornements de Chanel collection has launched and it has some beautiful pieces I want to wear for the rest of the holiday season! The powder products have the prettiest embossed patterns that look like ornaments. Texture, quality, pigment and lasting power are impressive with all items. I have swatches of […]